Food to alleviate hunger, drugs to cure diseases, that’s known to all. But food to prevent and cure diseases, or combination of drugs and food to enhance therapeutic effect has not gotten enough attention yet.

From years of clinical experience, I am fundamentally deeply Comprehension that, although treating patients with drug is essential, many diseases, with a little attention to diet, they can be prevented. Using Diet, some minor illness can be nursed back to health, no need to go to the doctor and get prescription chemical drugs. And during treatment, we must also suffer possible side-effects of chemical drugs. Some patients should not have dragged on for so long, feeling terrible, just because they eat wrong diet. There are some people, who take medication as a magic weapon for health, dependent on drugs to have longevity, a fool proof tradition, anti-lost his tail. Particularly in the use of therapeutic drugs, that, if accompanied by a reasonable diet, supplement and enhance the efficacy, speed up recovery. Would that not be better?

How can food cure disease? Because food and drug are homologous. From Chinese medicine’s point of view, food is able to cure minor illness, because they are cold, hot, warm and cool, acid, bitter, sweet, acrid, salty in nature. Moreover, drug and food, sometimes difficult to distinguish. For example, the Chinese Yam, lotus seed, walnut, haw, longan, ginger, pepper, parsley, green onions, and these food not only alleviate hunger, but also help cure minor illnesses. Overall, food is much more moderate nature than drug, has fewer potential side effects, and so prevents and cures diseases with minimal risk.

People often say that eating the wrong food easier cause illness. Here, I will introduce you to the idea that eating the right food, you can prevent and treat minor illnesses. If the occasional small illness strikes you at any time, check your pantry or the refrigerator, there you will find some "good medicine" to cure the minor illnesses.

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