The abuse of Chinese medicine

The abuse of Chinese medicine

In the hometown of Chinese herbal medicine, China, no one take Chinese herbal medicine as a game. But in America, I see the development of Chinese medicine are abnormal. Some people, eating Pinellia beads as peanuts, this is my personally see. I asked him why, he said: he sow the Internet, they said that it can dispels cough, and dissolve phlegm. I told him it was medicine, not casually eat, you need to see a Chinese medical doctor, get a prescription to take it. He said that it is the food and supplement, casually eating is no problems. He feels that I am wrong, and have actually think I want to make his money. In his concept, the food supplement is safe, it can casually eat.

On the Web, television, newspapers, I often can see the Chinese herbal medicine for business purposes of the false propaganda, and people's blind faith for Superstition.

In a television advertisement, they said: Ginseng and deer horn, can lower blood pressure. I do not know if anyone got lower their blood pressure by eating ginseng or deer horn. But as a Chinese medicine doctor, I know, ginseng and antler can elevate blood pressure, and Hypertensive patients eat ginseng or deer horn, it would be very dangerous. That ad actually aired on TV several years before it stopped, it simply is danger to public health.

I often received phone calls, asked me if I sell a certain Chinese herbal medicine, such as Polygonum, Lycium fruits (or Chinese Wolfberry fruits), Ephedra, Oldenlandia, Pinellia Est. I asked them why they want eat these herbs, they said the Internet said, Polygonum can black hair, Chinese wolfberry fruits can make eyes bright, Ephedra can lose weight, Oldenlandia can treat cancer, Pinellia can dispels cough, and dissolve phlegm. I said that Chinese medicines are generally not used alone, must be placed in a prescription in order to cure. The Chinese herbal medicine recipe composed of about a dozen herbs. The prescription formula can increase the effectiveness of one flavor, reduce the side effects of a single herb, Chinese medicine doctors need to see patients and then write out a prescription formula. Many people will think: I do not understand, some people think that I would like to make money, so do not talk to me on that any more. Some people also do not want to pay the consultation fee to see Chinese medicine doctors; and some say that: in online, everywhere are talking about these herbs can do, you are not even know that, so ignorant. When I say please do not use ephedra to lose weight, it is not safe, one person even said: "you don't know,!" I secretly thought the ridiculous, I had in the highest university of Chinese medicine to the system studied traditional Chinese medicine for years, I treat patients with traditional Chinese medicine nearly 40 years, I would become "do not know", and he saw a message on the Internet, he dare to say that “I do not know”.

Some people put food in ephedra as a diet food for sale. When Ephedra Increased the blood pressure and boost heart rate and other side effects were found, Ephedra has been considered a poison that can trigger heart disease, and was being banned. So all herbs containing ephedrine had been in the customs "ban."

Years ago, the Belgian weight lose clinic abuse of Chinese herbal medicine. They mixed with traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, gave their patients long-term use this mixture, in order to lose weight. Later, renal failure was found in many patients. At this time, some Western researchers and the media began to report that
said: Chinese medicine has kidney toxicity, some of the Chinese herbs is poison. All Chinese medicine containing aristolochic acid have all been "ban."

Many traditional Chinese herbs have great medical potential, but after inspection in the U.S. import customs, they were considered poison, and were burned as opium.
And the company have to pay the full cost of "the destruction of drugs,"

What are they destroyed? “One product was a coix formula (yi yi ren tang), the other was a major bupleurum formula (da chai hu tang).” “a formula called Minor Blue Dragon formula, the coix formula again, and ephedra, apricot kernel, gypsum and licorice formula.” A disappointed vendor, said: “Ephedra, ma huang, is one of the effective ingredients that practitioners use to treat respiratory disorders, so we've automatically lost a tool, a major tool, against these diseases. Once we start losing, one by one, these types of useful tools, what kind of profession are we going to end up being? That's the concern I have here. We're probably going to go back to a state where we can only use needles someday. ”
Extracted from<>Oct.2004

The abuse of Chinese herbal medicine, resulting in prohibiting the use of traditional Chinese medicine. This is abnormal development of Chinese herbal medicine. This is not only detrimental to the proper transmission of Chinese medicine, it also undermines the public's health, should arouse great attention the relevant departments.

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