Where does Modern medicine is going to carry us go? More and more people begin to suspect whether our Medicine is going on the right direction. Western medicine in treating disease, but also brought us more medical risks, people began to seek natural ways to get healthy. Acupuncture is the first oriental therapy to get Western's attention. In addition to acupuncture, in the past two or three decades, Chinese herbal medicine has become increasingly popular.

However, as food and nutritional supplements, some of the nature of Chinese herbs is stronger, prone to some side effects. Which led many people to wonder, do not know whether to eat the Chinese herbs. For example, it was said, Ephedra is a poison, has led to high blood pressure, heart disease. So a few years ago, FDA has issued a decree prohibiting Ephedrine imports. It was also said that Ephedra can help people increase metabolism, thus lose weight and after FDA import ban Ephedra, people can not get the Ephedra products, so, there were many complaints.

In fact, thousands of years, the Chinese people have been using Chinese herbs as medicines to treat patients, rather than as a food supplement. As we all know, medicine should not be casually consumed. Most of the traditional Chinese herbs, the use of them, need to consult Chinese medicine practitioners. But in the West, no rules to manage herbs. Because of the nature of the majority of Chinese medicine is very mild, so the Chinese medicine has been placed on the management of food supplements category.

These food and supplements as Chinese medicine, some of them, there are strong features, side effects to the people, their function is the same with drugs; some have only a minor feature, without any side effects, that is entirely of food and nutritional supplements. In view of this, I suggest you, before the consumption of any Chinese herbal supplements, you are better to see a Chinese medicine practitioners to seek medical advice.

Food and medicine homologous, here, I would like to recommend you some very safe "treatment methods": with food instead of drugs( for some of minor problems), make you more healthy. Foods, including grain, vegetables, fruits, meat. They are not drugs, they are not even nutritional supplements, they are the food, everyone can eat them, they may be in your refrigerator, you readily available, very convenient. When you occasionally have a cough, cold, sore throat, constipation and water retention, sleep disturbance, these are common problems that occur every day, when randomly selected for consumption, not only solve your temporary and minor problems, and also your smaller illness will not cause real disease, thus, to improve your health.

I am committed to carrying forward the oriental culture, the promoting of integrative Western and Eastern medicine, committing to cultivating Chinese medical talent, disseminating of medical knowledge, improving public health and reducing health care costs. My motto is: “Dedicated to teaching, serious medical treatment, to be a honest person.”

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